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Serpent Power L1 and L2

Jamie Taylor created Serpent Power for her Defy Gravity members in February 2016.

"I have been teaching Pole Dance for a decade but for as long as I remember it has not been any of the beginner or advanced spins, tricks or skills built that has made me feel the way I needed Pole Dance to make me feel. My authentic self is a fiery sensual powerful self, and I'm sure that's the same for most women who feel comfortable with sensual dance?

I found myself after classes coming back home, and moving around my no space, short bedroom pole. And what I was doing there ALWAYS brought me back to me.

One of my Serpent Power attendees said "Serpent Power is a place where you loose yourself to find yourself".

My Serpentines stand out at class. They find it easy to freestyle when asked, are naturally slinkier and even smile more!!!"

Issy Max also teaches SP session after a 3 days intensive at Defy Gravity in Pembrokeshire, and has this to say about it:

"I see Serpent Power as guided meditation through sensual movement. The class is structured to lead students through repetitive movement. The movements are not elitist, or reliant on flexibility – whilst being challenging and building strength and active flexibility. Serpent Power is an introspective class which nurtures students as individuals. It is not about the display of artistic and physical ability, therefore it is highly suitable for more introverted and shy students who are looking to reconnect with their divine female sensual energy. More extroverted or advanced students will also gain something from the class as it will help to refine their quality of movement and the reinforce the conduit for tapping into their sensual energy. Movement can be added to and adapted to the individual ability of the student. It is very important that the content and sense of calm of the class is respected by the group. The feeling of the class could be likened to a yoga class, in the sense that it is a time for quiet, introverted practice. All participants must respect the practice of the others as the opening up for the sensual aspect of ourselves can be fragile and should be approached with tenderness."

This class is 50% floor work, 50% Pole with a Meditation at the end. Building on repetitive sequences to full songs.

SP L1 is all about very simple and easy movement and was written for those who have never done any Pole Dance before.

SPL2 is for those who have basic sensual floor and pole movement under their belt. And is a silent class, like Ashtanga. (No one talks once the first song starts). We jokingly call it `Stripper Yoga`.

Read all about SP here:

Studio's I have held an SP session in before have gone on to holding their own sessions. This option is always open once you experience an SP session with me. SP sessions work best in studio's that can create a peaceful yoga space but with loud music, dark lighting, and with full privacy.

Serpent Power Workshops available:

SPL1: For your Beginners and you. A 90mins workshop introducing Serpent Power movement in a mindful and encouraging way.

SPL2: For your sassy students and you. A 90mins workshop introducing the concept of sensual movement for yourself only, and removing the `significance factor`, thus reconnecting the dancer to their true sensual inner Serpent.

Instructors Only workshop: Delving into the why and hows of the movement so you can hold your own SP sessions. Also covering all the variations of each sequence to add progressive content.

Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. for more info and to book.

The Secrets!

All the teeny tiny little details that make movement mesmerising and body waves ripple. How to prepare for the next step so you move seamlessly. When to lift the heels up, tipping that tail bone, when and where to slide your hands. My two amazing Stripper Style classes I have every week have forced me to really dissect my movement to easily transfer it when teaching. Making it easy for my students to move the way they want to as quickly as possible. This will boost your Stripper Stye to another level.

I keep hearing that I `make it look so easy`, and now I have discovered how. And I can teach you all my secrets.

This workshop is a great precursor to all Serpent Power workshops.

Lap Dance 101

This time, you're going to create your own unique lap dance. Choosing from over 30 options, that we will go over. That you will also have to hand, your own easy to follow Lapdance Menu that you can take home!

We create an authentic, super up close and personal, adult only XXX Lap Dance! Not for the shy!

Bring kneepads for sensitive knees. Your favourite shoes. And also any outfit you would like to know how to take off gracefully (with tee shirt/crop top/bikini top and shorts/hotpants/leggings underneath)
Suitable for all levels.


Dance like you F**k!


Filth Flow of the lowest order. Warning this is not, I repeat this is NOT Classique!

This is trashy, not classy!

Let's keep the stigma of pole dance alive and well and remind people that this sexually empowering movement and dance originated from sex work.

This workshop leaves sexually suggestive shapes behind and moves down to sexually BLATANT shapes!

10 of Jamie's signature filth moves, plus entries and exits, mastered ,then put into a routine that you would think twice about posting online.

All levels welcome, we will not be leaving the ground.

Kneepads, and outfit that makes you feel good and shoes recommended. 18+


Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. for info and to book.


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What Our Students Say

  • "Thanks Jamie for the 40th Birthday Pole Party! We all had a great time and showed off our shimmies at Minnies later that night! It was a really good start to the night, Ill recomend to my freinds!" ~Maura Phillips~
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Class timetable

  • Monday

    6:30pm - Improvers Pole Dance Fitness
    7:30pm -Intermediate/Advanced Pole Dance Fitness (90mins)
  • Tuesday

    12.30pm - Improver/Intermediate Pole Dance Fitness
    6pm - Beginners Pole Dance
    7pm - Back to Basics Pole Dance Fitness
  • Wednesday

    6pm - Stripper Style - All Levels
    7pm - Improver/ Intermediate Pole Dance Fitness
    8pm- Ultra Flex
  • Thursday

    6pm - Beginners Pole Dance
    7pm - Unwind
  • Friday

    7pm - Serpent Power Level 1
    8pm - Serpent Power level 2
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